Maggie Doonan

Name: Maggie Doonan (preferred)

Margaret Doonan

Maggie Doonan is an emerging Australian writer aspiring towards international novelist status. Maggie has recently completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in Creative and Professional Writing and is glad because now she can finally move to the tropics. Maggie is inherently restless and as a result tends to move house, town and country a lot. Well at least she used to, before she was inducted into student poverty. Maggie has an affection for adventure and an affinity or narratives that unsettle, disturb or excite. Currently she is working on three novels and hopes to finish one in the next six months.  

Genre hybridisation and mixing styles to create something new or as yet unexplored is what drives my approach to creative writing. I love grappling with the different conventions and voices and mashing them together to produce a story worth reading. Before university I refused to consider anything outside my preferred genre of horror but now I’ll try anything and currently my in-progress novels include adult and young adult horror/historical fiction, sub-genres of fantasy, new weird. My preference is for longer works though I can’t help adore the brutality of a strong story under seven hundred words. My work tends to be dark and creepy whenever possible featuring damaged protagonists with dubious motivations. Gore and dead bodies are a common in my stories. The greatest advice I have ever received and one I repeat in my mind as I work is this: if the story doesn’t excite or engage the author writing it, then a reader won’t be excited or engaged when reading it.

‘Without You’ (Flash fiction – horror)
Published with The Fringe Magazine

‘Another Day in Paradise’ (Flash fiction – contemporary realism)
Published with Down in the Dirt Magazine (published under name of Margaret Doonan) online and in Down in the Dirt’s upcoming printed publication.

‘A Touch of Europe’ (creative non-fiction)
Published by WingTsun Australia website

‘Toe Jam’ (Short Story – Horror)
Published in The Siren’s Call Ezine  (no direct link available)

Contact Email address:

Education: Queensland University of Technology – Bachelor of Fine Arts: Creative and Professional Writing.

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