Daniel J. Pool

Name: Daniel J. Pool

Aka: Filozophy

Daniel J. Pool is a software engineer, writer, cartoonist, and part time funny man from the southern Mid-West. His work has appeared in the Fringe, Indigo Rising, and the Scarlet Sound magazines. In his spare time he edits Larks Fiction Magazine.

My favorite medium is fiction. The way words blend together to create an interactive and collectively imagined world for the reader and writer has always fascinated me. 

My favorite technique is day dreaming. Sometimes I can actively dream for hours to work past writer’s block. Sometimes I am afraid the music in my head will upset the neighbors.


            Larks Fiction Magazine
            Concerning Fiction Blog
            Pop Culture Blog

Education: Graduate of the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma (Chickasha, OK) with a B.S. in Psychology

Likes: Rainy Days, puzzles, and awful puns.

Dislikes: Crowds, spiders, songs without a climax

Status: Married but withholding at a higher single rate

Anything else: Keep it classy!

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