Natasha Cabot

Name: Natasha Cabot

AKA: Nat, Tasha

Natasha Cabot is a Canadian writer based in Vancouver, BC. She has a BA in English Literature, a degree which has proven to be quite useless in most of her jobs but gives her a sense of superiority over her co-workers. She knows who various writers are and can quote them whilst making others feel stupid. Superiority is a good thing. In addition to reading and writing, she loves all kinds of sports - except soccer. She has been published in numerous literary journals including Metazen, Wilderness House Literary Review, Gone Lawn Journal, The Legendary, Microw, and Ginosko Literary Review. She is currently working on a collection of short stories she hopes to have published next year.

I like to write about the darker things in life. Tragedy can be funny if it is told correctly. I like to explore the abnormal side of normalcy. While I hope people enjoy what I write, in the end I can't write for anyone else but myself. If others like it, it is a fantastic bonus but I can't write to make others happy or to please other people - only myself.

My likes: Writing, reading, owls, sports, mockery, monkeys, and science.

My dislikes: People without imagination, close-mindedness, willful ignorance, and cruelty. And right-wing politicians.

- - -

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