Pranas Perkunas

Name: Pranas Perkunas (pen name)

Pranas Perkunas (pen name) is a writer, musician, and animal rights advocate. He is also working on a novel which he hopes will do very well, for he would like to do much more for animals, like donate substantially to no-kill cat shelters and maybe even bankroll a new one.

Pranas is currently constructing a colossal, Hello Kitty assault robot which will be utilized to effectively deal with wanton animal abusers by stamping them to jelly.

Under his actual name, which will not be revealed here, he has been published in various literary journals such as BLANK GUN SILENCER, SNOW MONKEY, WHISKEY ISLAND, HIDDEN OAK, ETC.

He has also been published on-line in LITERARY EROSION and THE HORROR ZINE.

His favorite writer is Kenneth Patchen.

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