Lilly Era

Name: Lilly Era (Lillith Raven Era)
Aka: Lillithstar
My Website:

Hi! I am Lillith Raven Era, but you can call me Lilly, I am 10 years old and am working on following my dreams. My dream is to be a Singer, and/or an artist. I'd like to be both. :) I am currently learning how to play guitar to go with my singing, and my songs are sometimes a pop sort of music, and sometimes a soft sort of music, what I ever feel like that day. Songs pretty much come to me, and I just sing them as they come. My drawing is usually Fairies and mermaids, and I often draw people and landscapes as well. I just love to draw, and painting is really fun too, I just love creating, I'll create any chance I get! Besides that, I also love to write, I'd love to publish a few books as well some day, I very much like fantasy and its most of what I read and write and draw. I love photograhy as well, its just really fun, I take nature photography mostly, flowers and landscapes and trees. I like to do a lot of things, I also like to write poems, not just stories, but I don't write poems about anything specific, one could be about flowers while the other one is about elephants! Oh! and I take dance classes! (just for fun though, I don't think I want to be a dancer). Yup. That's me. :) Lilly.

Education: I'm in 5th Grade, but I do just about College level work.

Likes: Fairies, mermaids, dragons, fun, disney, my art, Games, creating, reading, music, lots and lots of stuff...

Dislikes: Being told I can't do something, not being able to do something, pain (of course)

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