Richard Cody

Richard Cody
Aka: Was once known to some as Psycho Jack

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About: Richard Cody, a native Californian, has been known to write poetry and fiction. His work has appeared in publications such as Zam Bomba, Talking Raven, Half-Truth, Shoofly, An Audio Magazine for Children and American Tanka in the real world, and on-line at Margin, Mind Caviar, Weirdyear, and a handful of stones.

Richard is the author of two poetry collections and the dark fiction/horror anthology, “Darker Corners”. The first edition of “Darker Corners” was gathering positive reviews when Richard released a second, expanded edition. The expanded book pulls six new tales of dark wonder into the light, including “The Language of the Dead”, selected for Eclectic Flash’s Best of 2010 anthology.

Richard Says: My poetry in recent years has been greatly influenced by Eastern forms of poetry such as Haiku and Tanka. The tendency toward spareness in those poetic forms has also influenced my fiction, to some extent. Whether I'm writing a slice of life account of love at the supermarket or a grim Lovecraftian epic, I have found that less really is more.

Richard Cody Likes saying that he is the real Richard Cody, all the while knowing there is only one person.

Richard Cody Dislikes: Oppression in all its forms.

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