Linda M. Crate

Name: Linda M. Crate

Aka: Linda Crate, Linda Marie Crate

Linda Crate is a Pennsylvanian native. She was born in Pittsburgh, but she was raised in the rural town of Conneautville. She has been writing since she was thirteen - it's just something that she's always loved to do. She writes poetry, short stories, and novels.

I'm a writer, I enjoy the craft of being a wordsmith. I always remember the phrase that "poets are truth tellers". When I write, I try to convey some form of realism even if I'm writing a sci-fi story or one that is set in a mythical land. I try to make the characters real and personable so the reader can be invested in the characters and in the story that's being told.

twitter: thysilverdoe

Links to my works:

Elementary: Conneaut Valley Elementary & Alice Schafer Elementary
High School - Linesville Summit High School
College: Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

Likes: writing (obviously), reading, literature, books, the arts, intelligent conversation, singing, church, shopping, chocolate, lilies, the gothic subculture, Psalms, poetry, Auralia's Colors, Death of a Dark Lord, etc.

Dislikes: mushrooms, mint, people who put down reading or the arts, bigotry, posers, ignorance, rudeness, bullying, epics (Beowulf was awesome - but not all epics are), romance movies, most romance novels (Nicholas Sparks is an exception).

Status: Looking for her knight in distress. I'm not anyone's damsel. ;)

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