Daquan Johnson

Name: Daquan Johnson
My name is Daquan Johnson I’m a poet from Washington DC born on December 28, 1988. I was raised in a low income neighborhood but that doesn't define me or my craft. My poetry is a realistic perspective of society as I see it as a 22 year old black man in society. I like to rhyme in my poetry in order to convey my message to the ordinary listeners and as a tribute to the poets of yesterday. In all I feel that you will be pleasantly surprised by the perspective that I put in every poem.
I am a traditional style poet. I mostly write 4 lines to a stanza and I rhyme every bar. I feel like this style often gets put down as being restrictive, but I like the challenge of operating under what most may call a restriction. The criticism of my style of poetry is very emblematic of my up bringing and it allows me to channel the imagery and feeling that a free verse poem would have and keep the natural amusement of a rhyming poem.

Facebook: Daquan Johnson
Graduated:  P.G. Community College 2009 (Business Administration)    currently a senior at: University of Maryland Eastern Shore (Graduation December 2011)
I like writing poetry, video games, reading, running my arts organization (Rhythm & Reason), Hip Hop, Jazz
Status: Single 

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