Madeleine Swann

Name: Madeleine Swann

I write stories of the surreal, weird and odd, sometimes with a horror edge. I've been lucky enough to be included in anthologies as well as having a collection out now with Burning Bulb Publishing called The Filing Cabinet of Doom.

It includes a novella of the same name set in a black and white soundless world. A travelling carnival arrives to a quiet town where a psychic announces the end of the world. While the townsfolk panic three people make their way to Head Office at the Council - a far off and dangerous place. I've also written for Bizarre and The Dark Side magazines.



Author Interview: [click here]

Other info you might wish to know about my book THE FILING CABINET OF DOOM – a collection of 17 Bizarro stories:


It’s a surreal comedy set in a black and white world where people communicate via speech bubbles and no sound exists. During a visit by a traveling carnival a psychic informs a village that the world will end soon. Three people make their way to the Head Office of the Council – a distant and dangerous place – to find out what’s going on while the psychic stays behind to face the wrath of the villagers.

In addition to the novella bearing the collection’s title, this book is JAM PACKED with sixteen BONUS short stories of the bizarre for your perusal, including:

Amongst the Dust and the Mice
Care For a Dance?
Dimension Lake
Feathers and Fame
Girl in the Picture
I Can See You
Invite Ghosts and Earn Pounds
My Own Real Doll
One Phone Call Away
Son, I’m Afraid I’m a Zombie
The Annual Essex Medical Convention
The Blue Seashell
The Marzipan King is a Dick
The Problem Rock
Time Tastic Tours
We Interrupt With This Message
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Beneath the Surface: The Lost Boy: Second Edition:
Print version ISBN-13: 978-1481929028 and ISBN-10: 148192902X.
Kindle version ASIN: B00AXOMYTS

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