Ryan Avery

Name: Ryan Avery

I live in the north woods of Michigan without any idea of who I am or where I'm going. I spend my days drinking hot chocolate, listening to music and watching the clouds sail overhead. When I have nothing better to do I attend classes for an engineering degree.

As an aspiring writer my pieces vary widely in style and content. I have written poetry, prose, short stories, and plays. All of my pieces come from a personal experience. Even if it’s only watching someone else go through a certain event. Understanding their emotion, or creating assumed emotion, then allows my imagination to write something with that feel. What results (sometimes) is a piece with subtle undertones of the real event/emotion, which allows it to work. As far as craft, at this point I have none, though I am continually trying to better myself in that aspect.

Contact Email address:

Education: I've taken one college level creative writing course. The essence of the course was simply to write. We were repeatedly told not to worry about "good," "rules," or "right."

Status: I am currently single, however my cat (who hogs my bed most nights) would say otherwise.

You can find my pieces at

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