C.A.T. Torres-Villanueva

Name: C.A.T. Torres-Villanueva

Aka: C.A.T. Torres V

I like to reinvent myself every decade. From molecular biologist to lawyer to writer. Often a combination of these, but always a wife and mother.

I recently discovered that I love writing flash fiction. I'm also working on a novel. I write in the genres of historical and speculative fiction.

I've really only begun writing in earnest three years ago, and I'm slowly getting into publishing my short fiction online. My story appearing on Weird Year on July 29, 2011 is one of my first publications in creative writing.

I'm a former scientist and lawyer and I still work with patents and copyrights in my current job in a scientific research organization.

As a former teacher, I am generous with sharing my writing and non-writing knowledge and experience with anyone who may care to read (or listen to) my 'micro-lectures'.

I offer tips and advice for my fellow new writers, including copyright issues, in the writing groups I belong to and on my website

Write to me at or follow me on twitter for updates on my writing or to read my informative articles.


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