Mike German

Name: Mike German

In my twenties and living in the outskirts of South East London, I write predominantly dark tales of desperation, which tend to expose more about myself than I ever could in a short biography.

I started writing to keep myself sane or so I could sleep at night. Sentences would often take form in my head and if I didn't write them down they wouldn't go away. These were always embryonic ideas and it was a while before I started turning them into poems or stories. It's still how everything starts. Alcohol tends to be my best muse and ideas often come to me at the most inappropriate of times, when I can do nothing about them except store them up for when I'm drunk and have a keyboard or pen and paper in front of me. I am a terrible editor. One day I'll learn how to go back and edit and rewrite my work, but for now I'll do whatever feels right. 

I keep a blog for the fiction I create. You can find it here:

I also play bass for the band Cook and the Case. Be sure to go check them out at

Education: University of Manchester, History & Sociology drop-out.

Likes: Blues and Rockabilly music. Americana. Old records. Older books. Fine bourbon. Cheap, rot-gut bourbon. Escapism. The middle of the night when everything is unconscious. Strong coffee, inappropriate women and the ocean.

Dislikes: Why dwell on things you don't like? Life's too short.
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