Jim Clinch

Name: Jim Clinch
Jim Clinch lives in Southwest Florida and writes novels and short fiction.  He is also a singer/songwriter.  Jim's novel "Canterbury's Tale" is a humorous mystery featuring a decidedly un-PC beach bum who gets in some big time trouble.  His short stories appear most recently in Linguistic Erosion and Bradburesque Quartely.
I seek to entertain wiith engaging, memorable characters and infectious dialogue.  My novel, which sometimes might seem just funny, is really intended to make the reader think about the anguish of the main character and how little we really know about people from the surface view.  My short fiction is usually a brain-tease, meant to force the reader out of a comfortable place.
I am happily married and the father of three grown children.  When not writing or playing music I like to fish and complain about the government to no one in particular.

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John C. Mannone

Name: John C. Mannone (no pen names)

I am Sicilian by heritage, Latin/Hispanic by place of birth, and a U.S. Citizen by legal birth. I am impassioned by science and mathematics and pursued a career as a research scientist and nuclear consultant. All very left-brain stuff. But when my right-brain came out of comatose, I started studying the craft of poetry in 2004 (and of flash fiction and the short story in 2008). With 300 publications, several awards, three nominations for the Pushcart Prize in Poetry and one for the Rhysling Poetry Award, I consider myself an emergent voice in poetry. I get excited about words as much as I do about equations. I am richly blessed for that. (You should know that I consider food another form of poetry )

I am the poetry editor of Silver Blade, a literary fantasy magazine, and an associate poetry editor for Abyss & Apex Magazine of Speculative Fiction. My editorial focus is found here:

I write poetry and some short fiction. It is often literary, literary with speculative elements, or speculative with literary style and depth. In poetry, I favor free verse with that is rich in imagery, but also like conversational pieces that have impeccable rhythm and good line breaks. I eschew cut-up prose. My favorite short fiction ranges from micro fiction to the short short story (1000-2000 words), but my most comfortable range is flash fiction 300-600 words. They often have poetic swaths. My web page is The Art of Poetry,

Here are links to recent samples of my work:

“The Pleistocene Extinction,” The Pedestal  (Issue 64, Jun 2011)

“There’s  a Gold Twinkle in the Night,” Eye to the Telescope (Issue 3, Jan 2012)

“Where Has the Spider Gone?” Writers & Artists (Bloomsbury Publishing, Feb 2012)
Flash Fiction Contest Winner: Highly Commended (4th place)

“The Lizard Wind,” Curio Poetry (Issue 3, Feb 2012)

“When the Moons Pull Together,” Press53 (Jan 2012)
Contest winner: Runner-up (2nd place)

Contact Email address:

Facebook: jcmannone

B.S. Chemistry (1970 Loyola College, Baltimore, MD)
M.S. Physical/Theoretical Chemistry (1978 Georgetown University, Washington, DC)
M.S. Physics (1988 University of Tennessee Knoxville)
Ph.D. candidacy Electrical Engineering (2002 University of Tennessee Knoxville)

Poetry, astronomy, food, good micro brews, classical music & the blues, good heavy metal… and women

Chopped-up prose and forced rhyme, overcooked food, cigarette smoke

Was married twice; still looking for the right one

Anything else: 
I am active in the writing community: dual member of the Chattanooga Writers Guild and the Knoxville Writers Guild, and serve on the Board of Directors of Silver Pen, Inc., a writers’ resource. I’m a NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador for the Great State of Tennessee since 2008. I am kind of retired, but I also teach as an adjunct professor of physics in east TN. I also teach a semester course in hermeneutics at a local Bible college. As you would guess, my Christian views might form a subtext in some of my writing.

I have work forthcoming in Farther Stars Than These later this year (“Genesis” on Oct 4 and “End Stop” on Nov 8).

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Acquanetta M. Sproule

Name: Acquanetta M. Sproule


I am a Chimera.

I think.

Two identical twins that refused to either completely separate or fully reintegrate.

That's why the types of stories I write tend to be inversions of each other: Sweet to Creepy, Gleeful to Glum, Optimistic to Oppressive.

The middle is not a comfortable place for me, so I glide along side-lines and between facades.

Never fitting in, seldom wanting to.

I am a fabulous monster, prone to tales of impossible or foolish fancy.

Or just a middle-aged secretary who likes to write.

One or the other; both or neither.

Regardless, I tell a good tale.

Education: Bachelors of Interdisciplinary Studies

Likes: Chocolate

Dislikes: Obsessive, Compulsive Talkers

Status: Contentedly celibate

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R. Christophe Ryber

Name: Christopher Berry

Pen Name: R. Christophe Ryber


R. Christophe Ryber lives in Hardwick, VT where he writes and studies poetry and literature at a local college.

R. Christophe Ryber's prose works include pieces from the historical fiction, science fiction, fantasy, dark erotica and horror genres. He also writes Gothic and Romantic poetry.

Contact email:

Links to my work: 

- - -

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