Acquanetta M. Sproule

Name: Acquanetta M. Sproule


I am a Chimera.

I think.

Two identical twins that refused to either completely separate or fully reintegrate.

That's why the types of stories I write tend to be inversions of each other: Sweet to Creepy, Gleeful to Glum, Optimistic to Oppressive.

The middle is not a comfortable place for me, so I glide along side-lines and between facades.

Never fitting in, seldom wanting to.

I am a fabulous monster, prone to tales of impossible or foolish fancy.

Or just a middle-aged secretary who likes to write.

One or the other; both or neither.

Regardless, I tell a good tale.

Education: Bachelors of Interdisciplinary Studies

Likes: Chocolate

Dislikes: Obsessive, Compulsive Talkers

Status: Contentedly celibate

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