Kevin C. Ong

Name: Kevin C. Ong

Aka: K.C. Ong

Kevin C. Ong (who writes under the pen name “K.C. Ong”) lives in lovely Lavender Bay with postcard views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House.

Kevin’s imagination is fuelled from living in such beautiful surroundings, travelling widely (he’s visited 17 countries and over 55 cities so far), going out and experiencing life (clubs, movies,  outdoor festivals, art galleries, museums, theatre, musicals, stand-up comedy, karaoke, salsa & ceroc dancing) - inspiring him to create new worlds with “real” characters.

His is as a Qualified Solicitor and Chartered Accountant with degrees  from the University of Technology, Sydney (Law); Sydney University (Post graduate Law – Tax); Macquarie University (Commerce). So besides
writing Tax advice, he has finally found a good use for his education (gained from his misspent youth), by starting to write short stories in September 2011.

His passion is writing stories with mind-blowing twists because he is able to bring into existence new worlds and introduce new concepts, allowing him to indulge in his “unique” observations of the world. As Kevin has multiple personalities, he writes in a variety of genres in Speculative fiction including Sci-fi, Sci-fi romance and Sci-fi horror.

His Sci-fi romance “Love in Another Time” which appears on on 11 December 2011
( answers the question of: what would meeting someone and falling in love be like in the future? The story came about through Kevin’s combined interests in Sci-fi stories and online dating.

For something completely different, check out his Psychological horror story “100 Rooms” (about a man who wakes up in a dark room not knowing who he is or how he got there) in the Spring Issue #59 of
( and "His Beloved"(a Sci-fi horror story about a man who hopes to reunite with his wife through the miracle of time travel) on (

“Love in Another Time” will appear with its companion piece “Until the End of Time” in a collection of short stories currently being compiled by Kevin to be released in 2012.

To find out more visit (email:

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