Matt Micheli

Name: Matt Micheli

Professional Bio: Matt Micheli is a transgressive fiction writer out of Austin, TX, author of MEMOIRS OF A VIOLENT SLEEPER: A BEDTIME STORY. His analytical, sometimes satirical, and often times blunt views of love, loss, life, and beyond are expressed through his writing. For him, writing is an escape from the everyday confines of what the rest of us call normal.

Not-so-Professional Bio: Reading Chuck Palahniuk inspired me to write. Bret Easton Ellis kept me inspired. There are so many influential writers but those are the two who stand out. As far as my ideas, all forms of social media--books, movies, news, music--contribute to my concepts (despite me wanting to hate pop-culture). I'll typically have a place to start, then sit down without any planned direction, and let the story build around me. This Stream of Consciousness method gives my work a very raw, real feel. Most people don't believe me when I tell them my stories aren't about me nor life experiences I've faced personally because of how real they often feel. As a writer (artists/writers will relate), my personal goal is to bring about some sense of attachment to the character; to bring out some form of emotion. If I can make a reader laugh, cry, get sick to their stomach, turn them on or piss them off, then I have succeeded. If they feel empathy for the character or completely loathe them, that's success (or at least how I measure it).

Common questions I'm asked:
THEM: "Was that story about you?"
ME: "No."
THEM: "Are you sure? Because I feel really bad for you."


THEM: "Does everyone always have to die?"
ME: "Well . . . yes, eventually."

I've had a couple shorts published recently and several more will be out and about on the ol' internet over the next few weeks. Over the next few months, I'll be spending a lot of time polishing my second manuscript which I hope to get published by early next year. Sitting at my computer, listening to the most depressing Pandora station I can find, with a whiskey drink of some sort within an short arm's reach to the left--that's where you'll find me.

Recently Published Shorts:
Read "Bare Feet"
Read "Words"
Read "And The Day Seemed Endless"  (Titled: That Doll!)

Twitter: @micheliworld
Status: Married to the most amazing (and patient) woman.

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