Carly Esther

Name: Carly Esther

I am a hopeless romantic that gets completely lost in Rumi poetry, and classical music ( especially Chopin). I drink way to much coffee with loads of coconut creamer while sitting in my burnt orange chair by the river. I adore children and broken people. I love fashion and fierce shoes. I love snuggling and talking about the pain and triumph of life, and delving into intimacy. My heart is huge, and worn fully and completely on my sleeve. I love traveling and getting lost in antique stores and thrift shops in the cities. I'm a small town girl from the middle of Alaska, whose now plunging into big city dreams in the middle of California. I shift evenly between being nurturing and warm, to fierce and fiery. You never really know what you'll get, but I think it makes life much more interesting.

Writing has always been one of my passions. Both my parents are writers and their love of it drifted into my veins as soon as I was big enough to write. I found peace in writing, even when hell was going on around me, as long as I had a way to get the pain out, I always knew I'd be okay. And at 21 years old, I'm still the same way. My heart gets broken, my dreams get smashed, my hopes get pissed on and as long as I have someone to hold me, let me cry, and let me write, I'll be okay.

I love love. Its what I breathe. I'm learning, every day, even more what it looks like to love others, love God, and love myself. Its a beautiful journey - not always easy but i'm convinced that its worth it.

I'm a writer. I don't write fiction, or fantasy, or anything that isn't real. I only write of the most real, intense, fully felt emotions that there are. I write out of the core of my being, the deepest realms of vulnerability and the most extreme pain that my heart gets washed with. With the most pain, or joy, or sadness, comes my best pieces of writing. I write, when I cannot speak. When speaking is more painful than feeling. Writing is my life line to stay in communication with my heart.

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Carly Esther Wells

~The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return~

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