Rachel Rubinstein

Name: Rachel Rubinstein
AKA: Ruby

Being only 16 years old, I'm still new to the world and still figuring out how it works. I'm a sophomore in high school, on the varsity cross-country team, and sing in the choir. Besides writing and photography, running is my hobby and my life! Some of my best ideas come to me when I run. I travel to many places with my family, my favorites being Australia, England, and Israel. I live in a suburb of Chicago, and I love the city! I hope to continue on to college and maybe finally be able to take creative writing classes. My favorite classes in school are the languages (I take EnglIsh, Spanish, and Hebrew) and chemistry. In my opinion, math is the worst subject known to man. Summer is my favorite season, and I love the beaches downtown on Lake Michigan.

I have been writing in a journal for as long as I can remember. My very first entries consisted of relating the day's events in my simple childish dialect and scrawl. Over time, my journal has evolved into a place where I can spill all of my thoughts without being judged, and I have begun translating those thoughts into poetry, I write what I cannot say out loud, and I usually begin my poems in my head while I'm out and about, or if a noteworthy event takes place in my life. Writing poetry is a way for me to make sense of my emotions, and only a select few of my friends know about my work. I hope to grow in my skill over time, and eventually I would love to have something of mine published.

I'm currently being educated at Chicagoland Jewish High School.

Likes: love, romance, writing (of course!), photography, running, swimming, skiing and snowboarding, candy, my community, my family, and Judaism

Dislikes: tuna fish, drama and other high school annoyances, rude people, and negative temperatures (the typical Chicago winter)

I'm currently in a relationship, and it's right at that point between teenage and adult. I'm figuring things out as I go along, and I love him dearly :].

Lastly, My advice to young writers : keep going, keep writing, and eventually you'll realize your amazing talent and potential (if you haven't already!). Share your work with others, they'll be dying to see. :]

- - -

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