Jake Johnson

Name: Jacob Johnson

Jake Johnson

Bio: I'm a teenager who began writing at the age of thirteen and has improved greatly over the years (I hope). I was born in Indiana and raised in West Virginia, where my high school career is drawing to a close. As of this writing, almost one hundred of my stories have been accepted in various places around the web, and I spent one year editing and publishing monthly collections of fiction from other authors. Once I've graduated college I intend to travel the world (or some of it, at any rate) and write for a living, surviving on my wits and whatever PayPal shall provide. For now, though, I'm trying to get a head-start in the world of writing so future-me will be less of a starving artist.

I mostly create flash fiction, but I've branched out into a lot of other writing, including some longer fiction, essays, creepypasta, blogs and the occasional poem. As an editor, I also help organize other people's works into anthologies. Most of the time, it's really just a question of keeping Notepad and Word on my toolbar and having enough free time to keep my schedule running.


Likes: Science fiction, bizarro, any genre ending in “punk”, Snow Crash, Glasshouse, The Dresden Files, The Xeelee Sequence, John Dies at the End, Doctor Who, the “Eighth Doctor Adventures” books, zombie fiction, We’re Alive- A Story of Survival, Static Movement, H.P. Lovecraft, the U.K., sped-up (a.k.a Nightcored) music, P&P RPGs.

Dislikes: Heavily symbolic fiction which still attempts to tell a linear story, fiction which is historical but not an alternate history, a large percentage of existing nonfiction, fiction which is pointlessly long.

Status: Single, available, and willing. (At the time of this writing, at any rate.)

Anything else: I’m not yet a heavily published author, as many of the aforementioned anthologies haven’t yet come out. Thus, I have little publicly available work. Have no fear! I’m working on spreading out into e-zines all of shapes and sizes, and if I play my cards right, I could get my own personal anthology out of it. I hope. Anyway, please do check out my blog; It’s updated every time my work is accepted somewhere. 

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