Victoria Leech

Name: Victoria Leech

Victoria Leech resides in Exeter, in Devon, and is currently toiling happily away at her MA in Literature. Victoria enjoys writing, sketching, swimming, camping and reading in Cornwall whenever she can. Her love of England’s wild coasts and countryside drives her inclination toward writing and warm clothes.

Victoria draws inspiration from the personal experience, children’s literature and both classical and modern fiction. Victoria's work makes use of whimsy and humour, as well as a reflection on the act of storytelling and relationships between people. Though her work to date is predominantly poetry, Victoria hopes soon to foray into the writing and publishing of children’s literature, where all the best stories are told.

Publishing credits:
Pitt News at the University of Pittsburgh,
WeirdYear: on the front page on 5/8/2011

Victoria may be contacted via her facebook page at Vicky Leech, or at

Education: BA (Hons) English with study in North America 
Upper Second Class Honours

Likes: pinemartens, the sea, chocolate and good company
Dislikes: reality TV, celery and daddy-long-legs.

Status: very happily attached

-          J K Rowling

- - -

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