Madeline Dyer

Name: Madeline Dyer

Aka: M.J.A Dyer (for a long time I've wondered whether to use 'Madeline' or 'M.J.A', and at the moment have settled for the first, though it may change in the future!).

Hi, my name's Madeline, I live on a farm in Devon, England and I simply love writing. I have a variety of pets, all of which inspired me to start writing stories about them. Now, I mainly write fantasy stories although I am planning a series set in the 'prehistoric-survival' category. My first short story, 'The Silent Siren', was published at the beginning of June 2011 when I was 16; although I've been writing for many years before this I've only recently starting submitting work for publication.

Currently I'm working on a young adult fantasy novel, which I later hope to expand into a series. I love writing fantasy mainly because it's so magical! You can create your own, unique world that you can escape into at anytime where practically anything can happen. I also love science fiction, and would really like to write some in the future! I'm very inspired by many 'classical' works including 'Little Women' by Louisa May Alcott and 'Pride And Prejudice' by Jane Austen.

As well as my fantasy YA book
I'm working on a novel set in an animal rescue centre in the mountains of Mallorca.

At my website you can find out more information about me, my writing process and my published works.

Aside from writing I'm also very keen on art, in particular watercolour paintings and pencil drawings. Although I do a lot of drawing and artwork I haven't yet created any for a particular cause or tried to get any published. I just do it because it's fun!

Likes: writing, reading, animals, music (mainly RnB, pop and dance), walking on the moors, hot chocolate, strawberries.

Dislikes: dark chocolate, lemons, ants, extreme hot or cold temperatures.

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