Crowerd Joseph Robinson

Name: Crowerd Joseph Robinson
Age: 24
Bio: Crowerd Robinson was born in Atlanta, Georgia and now resides in Valdosta, just north of the Florida border. He spent much of his childhood in bed, reading stories of magic and horror and exploring the surrounding forest. Once he reached his teenage years he realized that his imagination wasn't like those around him; instead of diminishing, his childhood friends became more even more powerful. These friends would soon be called characters and his first story was published when he was a sophomore in high school. Since then, Robinson has lived a very eventful life, having been institutionalized twice, becoming a student of the occult, and still spending much of his time roaming the woods.
My Work: I am a storyteller. I grew up reading a wide array of writers and their influence has led me to commit incest with several genres. I have long been obsessed with the philosophy of the shadow self -- the belief that everyone has very dark, sinister desires that lie inside of them and a person will never become whole if they refuse to recognize this polarity. This is why much of my work is deemed extreme: I wish to provide an escape for these twisted thoughts through writing so others can do so by reading. Splatterpunk, shock horror, gore stories ... my tales have all been described as such. I write for those who are ostracized and forgotten, the youth of a society that has been led to believe that fear is something that demands control when really it should be embraced. Every story I spin is meant to convey madness and terror, along with meaning and compassion. After all, not all endings are happy ones.
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