Brent Rankin

Name: Brent Rankin

Brent Rankin, fortunate or not, was born to a destiny. He was to be a writer. As a child, he wrote poetry, short stories, even a novel or two. These were childish things. At the University of Texas, he studied literature. He read the classics. He emulated them. Then came the time he had to put away childish things and become responsible. Life has its harsh lessons. Here and then, now and then, he wrote. Always that haunting in the back of his mind of “what if”.

When the time came, Brent retired from his chosen occupation. He had no regrets with that aspect of his life. He did well. Still, what if?

Then, it happened. His novella, “The fisher man,” was published as an e-book, available on Amazon, Booktango, and others. Two flash fiction pieces accepted by Linguistic Erosion, an intriguing ezine with imagination. And on and on and on.

Now, a childish wandering mendicant, Brent Rankin spends his time at his laptop, in the alleys where he lives, writing. And writing. And writing.

- - -

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