Legal Stuff (Terms of Service)

Legal Stuff:

Here’s the legal stuff: When your submission gets accepted, you are giving Weekly Artist non-exclusive publication rights. This means that we get to publish your story, and then, after it has been put up on the website, we can stick it in a printed book or on a flyer or something like that, as long as we give you credit. We don’t own your story, however– after it appears on the front page of Weirdyear, you are free to sell it for millions of dollars, cut a deal with a movie producer, expand it into a book or anything else all without needing our approval– as long as you remember to tell any potential buyers that they are buying your story as a non-exclusive piece.

In order to avoid complications, we're only accepting work which you own.

We will let you know whether your submission is accepted within 3-6 months of submission, (our turnaround time is more like 1-2 days) depending on workload. If you haven't heard from Weekly Artist in that time, feel free to send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Sometimes things get caught in our spam filters. It really is nothing personal. :)

In the meantime, spread the word!

Again, by submitting your story to Weekly Artist, you acknowledge that if your submission is accepted, you are giving the Weekly Artist team:

A. The exclusive right first to electronically publish the story on;
B. The right to republish the story in or in connection with Weekly Artist, including electronic or hard copy promotional material and printed compilations, provided that authorial credit is given in every instance of reproduction.


Credit (your name, your website if you have one, and your short bio) and publication! Whether this is your jumping off point as a writer or a way to get another piece on your resume, Weekly Artist offers you a voice, a chance to get your work out there in the hands of readers and be seen!

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