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Musicians, writers, artists, sculptors, etc. If you do anything creative, we want to feature you and your work on Weekly Artist!

If you have an opportunity you would like to announce, or an article, how-to guide or other informative piece you would like us to feature on the site, follow the submission guidelines for those by clicking here.

Send us:

*Up to three pictures of yourself
*Up to ten pictures of your artwork
*No more than five links to your galleries, portfolios, or samples of your work on other websites.
(No website to show off your art on? Get one here!)

*The following information (with or without items in the *optional* category.


Aka: (Pen names, online handles or any other names you have gone under.)

A short bio (3-10 lines) about who you are

A short paragraph about what kind of art you do and the techniques involved.


Contact Email address:

Twitter, facebook, friendster, myspace etc. info:




Status (Single, married, looking, etc. Be creative):

Anything else:

...Then send it in to us! (Email us at We’ll process it as soon as we can (which might be a little while depending on work load.) You’ll be notified once your bio has been uploaded to the site’s scheduling system (and given the date that it will launch on the site, where it will remain as a webpage that you can give out and/or spread around as much as you like! Remember, getting your work out there is the key!)

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