Colleen Colkitt

Colleen Colkitt is in her junior year at SUNY College at Brockport.  She studies Creative Writing, Communications, and Business Administration.  In between classes and work, Colleen spends her time behind the camera or editing footage at a computer for her school’s Television Production club.  While Ms. Colkitt spends time with her friends, she also steals time to add to her Origami paper crane collection and watch Netflix. 

With a preference towards satirical unrealistic fiction, Colleen takes inspiration for her work from friendships, family, and experiences with her coworkers.  One of the most influential authors for Ms. Colkitt has been Chuck Palahniuk.  Although she has tried to emulate his gritty style of writing, Colleen continues to search for her own voice through writing in isolation.  Ms. Colkitt’s plans for the future include writing more short fiction, as well as the completion of her manuscript for her first novel length piece.

Colleen has poetry published in Muddry River Poetry Review, Inclement Poetry, Bare Hands Poetry, and Poetry Bulawayo.  This is Ms. Colkitt’s first fiction publication. 

Contact Email Address:

Education: Junior at SUNY College at Brockport

Likes: Coffee, Snowcake soap, bagels from Panera, caffeine

Dislikes: ESPN, yoga pants, Mark Wahlberg, the nickname “Bean Dip”

Status: Happy in love

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