Rhiannon Caitlin Morgan

Name: Rhiannon Caitlin Morgan

AKA: Chicago Roses

I'm a second year English Literature and Creative Writing student at Aberystwyth University. I work part time as a barmaid in the Student Union.

My writing career has just started, but I have a long running ambition to write for on-screen animation productions. I love writing characters that seem to have a poignant affect on my audience. Otherwise I write about my own experiences. I'd describe my style as a work in progress.



Education: Aberystwyth University, English Literature & Creative Writing BA (2nd year)

Likes: Weird tea, bears, the blues, books, and apples.

Dislikes: Being cold, smelling of tequila, sleepless days and nights, and mushrooms.

"A tramp, a gentleman, a poet, a dreamer, a lonely fellow, always hopeful
of romance and adventure." -C. Chaplin

- - -

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