Jim Clinch

Name: Jim Clinch
Jim Clinch lives in Southwest Florida and writes novels and short fiction.  He is also a singer/songwriter.  Jim's novel "Canterbury's Tale" is a humorous mystery featuring a decidedly un-PC beach bum who gets in some big time trouble.  His short stories appear most recently in Linguistic Erosion and Bradburesque Quartely.
I seek to entertain wiith engaging, memorable characters and infectious dialogue.  My novel, which sometimes might seem just funny, is really intended to make the reader think about the anguish of the main character and how little we really know about people from the surface view.  My short fiction is usually a brain-tease, meant to force the reader out of a comfortable place.
I am happily married and the father of three grown children.  When not writing or playing music I like to fish and complain about the government to no one in particular.

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Unknown said...

Just ordered! I know Jim from various community involvement activities and can't wait to read his book. Order it now, I promise you will not be disappointed!