Erika Dawn Price

Name: Erika Dawn Price
AKA: Processproduct
Erika D. Price is a social psychologist, writer, and eternal student living in Chicago, Illinois.  She began writing fiction after three years of reading and writing draining, dry academic prose for her graduate education, and her new found love of creative writing has saved her sanity. She writes all her first drafts on the Notepad app of her iPhone, which sounds insane but is actually quite a convenient way to bang out ideas on the go while simultaneously looking like a vapid, perpetually-texting woman-child. In her spare time she eats marshmallows and wanders around Chicago’s lake shore.

Short paragraph about the kind of art I do: I write fiction, and most of my 'work' falls into one of two camps: short, postmodern flash pieces that rehash or reimagine ancient myths, and longer, realist short stories about how human relationships and existential dread play out in a variety of modern settings. These two types of "work" that I write reflect my underlying philosophy of writing: Every story is either a retelling of myth or a roman a clef. We write what we know-- whether we know it from years of ingesting culture and storytelling tropes, or from our own emotional and moral struggles. When I write, I'm always trying to elicit two simultaneous reactions: A snort of snarky laughter, and a twinge of empathy in the gut. Hopefully, I occasionally succeed at those pursuits. 

Here's some work that's been featured on Tumblr's edited 'Prose' tag:

Here is work of mine that's been selected by Tumblr Fiction's other editors:

And I'm published in the August 2012 issue of Efiction Horror:

And of course I'll be in Linguistic Erosion in October and Smashed Cat in December.

Education: BA in Psychology and Poli Sci, MA in Social Psychology, workin' on a Psych PhD presently
Likes: Marshmallows, Pumpkin Candy Corns, PRI's Selected Shorts Podcast, postmodernism, existentialism, miniature versions of things
Dislikes: Relationship missives, Pinterest, Makeup, Word count limits, People who think it isn't okay to split infinitives
Status: Consorted
Anything Else:  I firmly believe in the power of creating a writing schedule and sticking to it, and forcing yourself to write even when you don't 'feel inspired'!

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