Joshua Dobson

Name: Joshua Dobson

Joshua Dobson likes to make his own fun, some of which has appeared in The New Flesh, Microhorror, Innsmouth Free Press, Pulp Metal Magazine, Horrotica Online Magazine, Sex & Murder Magazine, Surreal Grotesque, Razor Dildo, Twisted Dreams Magazine, Horror Sleaze Trash, Sinisterotica (Pill Hill Press), Grindhouse (Crowded Quarantine Publications).

I write short works of surreal horror with a sense of humor, and more often than not a big throbbing boner.  I also make macabre and/or surreal pictures, assemblages, and scullptures.  I'm a dilettante.
Salt Trucks on the Highway & Rapist's Bite @ The New Flesh
Cheap Milk & How Amputrees Grow @ Microhorror
The Smut in Surreal Grotesque Issue 1
Glory Unholy @ Horrotica
A Perverse Proposition for Jenny Jelly-Butt @ Razor Dildo
Contact email:

Likes: big butts (and I cannot lie . . .)

Dislikes: bats, if any bats are reading this know that I hate you with the fire of a thousand arsons and soon I will find where you live and burst into your bedroom in the middle of the night shrieking horribly and flapping my arms in a most menacing manner

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