Lilly Era

Name: Lilly Era (Lillith Raven Era)
Aka: Lillithstar
My Website:

Hi! I am Lillith Raven Era, but you can call me Lilly, I am 10 years old and am working on following my dreams. My dream is to be a Singer, and/or an artist. I'd like to be both. :) I am currently learning how to play guitar to go with my singing, and my songs are sometimes a pop sort of music, and sometimes a soft sort of music, what I ever feel like that day. Songs pretty much come to me, and I just sing them as they come. My drawing is usually Fairies and mermaids, and I often draw people and landscapes as well. I just love to draw, and painting is really fun too, I just love creating, I'll create any chance I get! Besides that, I also love to write, I'd love to publish a few books as well some day, I very much like fantasy and its most of what I read and write and draw. I love photograhy as well, its just really fun, I take nature photography mostly, flowers and landscapes and trees. I like to do a lot of things, I also like to write poems, not just stories, but I don't write poems about anything specific, one could be about flowers while the other one is about elephants! Oh! and I take dance classes! (just for fun though, I don't think I want to be a dancer). Yup. That's me. :) Lilly.

Education: I'm in 5th Grade, but I do just about College level work.

Likes: Fairies, mermaids, dragons, fun, disney, my art, Games, creating, reading, music, lots and lots of stuff...

Dislikes: Being told I can't do something, not being able to do something, pain (of course)

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Kerry said...

Very nice and articulate profile, Lily. I'm impressed. Best of luck to you with all your work, and don't ever let anybody try to make you let go of your dreams.

Fellow musician and writer,

Lilly Era said...

Thank you very much! <3

She said much too late...I'm almost 12 now! Oh well, no matter how late it is, thank you!