Victoria Veach

Name: Victoria Veach

Victoria Veach attends the University of Alabama. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her sorority sisters, her friends, and studying for classes. Victoria began seriously writing in the sixth grade. She is currently working on a young adult fiction novel and several other small pieces. Victoria hopes to become a surgeon and publish her novel.

Victoria is a writer of all subjects and particularly at this moment in time she uses the style of brainstorming. The key to her writing is allowing her emotions to carry her away. Whether it's love, anguish, or revenge she allow the words to spill forth. Movies, music, and life experience are the sources behind her imagination and creativity. Victoria believe over detailing is what causes the death of writing, readers should be allowed to use the imagination. For the imagination creates the best picture, a writer's words should just influence the image in order for the story to be perceived. 

I was featured on Daily Love on December 19, 2012. This was my first publication:

Contact Email Address:

Education: Sophomore year at the University of Alabama

Likes: Orchids, people, and dancing

Dislikes: School work, test, and driving long trips

Status: Single, happy, and enjoying life! 

Anything else: Carpe Diem
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