Amanda Marie Breton

Name: Amanda Marie Breton

I am a graduate student at Johns Hopkins University working toward a Masters of Science and Medical Writing. In May 2012 I graduated from Mount Holyoke College as a biology major and psychology minor. I am from Connecticut. I was editor for the Health and Science section of The Mount Holyoke News for which I have written over a dozen articles. My work has also appeared in The Montague Reporter and Encyclopedia of Earth. When I am not writing about scientific discoveries, I write poetry and fiction novels. 

I mostly write non-fiction science and medical articles. I find topics that I am interested in and I know others will be interested. I also choose topics that will educate my audience on important issues. I use different tones depending on the subject matter of my article and the audience. I like to grab my audience using humor, personal stories, and creative language. Most importantly, I want to make science accessible to the general public. In my poetry, I write whenever I have a great deal of emotion that I need to release in the form of words. The novel that I am working on right now is science fiction.


Likes: Stephen King, Star Wars, pizza, The Big Bang Theory, National Geographic, Lewis Thomas, huskies, all animals, science, history, psychology, reading

Status: Enjoying my youth, taking one day at a time, and focusing on me.

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