Levi Stribling

Name: Levi Stribling

AKA: L.P. Stribling

Levi Stribling is a writer of speculative fiction originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico. He has been writing both poetry and prose since 2008. When he's not reading or dabbling in foreign tongues, he spends his time pondering the preposterous in search of unopened doors to the creative side. He is currently a graduate student of Middlebury College, and lives in Washington State with his wife Kerrie.

When writing poetry, Levi lets go of all restraint and allows the words to come, saving structure for the later drafts. Prose he approaches differently, using outlines for longer pieces and discovery-writing shorter ones. In the conviction that creativity reigns, Levi always allows the story to unfold as it will, leaving the structure and sense of it all to fall into place later. Levi is an austere proponent of the maxim, 'writing is re-writing and that there is no better teacher than experience.

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