Matt Shaner

Name: Matt Shaner

I am a writer, father, husband, and hopefully soon to be full time English teacher living in the suburbs of Reading, PA. I met my wife in high school and we have a son with a second child arriving in December. I love reading and writing, movies and music, basically anything that can motivate me to create. This month I will start as a student in Fairfield University's MFA program in Creative Writing.

I have twenty-one short stories published online and in print including one selected for anthology. I also have a novel and novella available from Eternal Press. My writing is really a mix of genres. I have a sci fi novel, horror novella, literary fiction novel, and a number of other short stories that are making the rounds to publishers, magazines, and presses to find a home. I hate to hit the old cliche, but I loved reading and writing ever since I was little. In a stressful world it has always served as an escape and I think that every story can teach us something about life and our society. Stephen Gaghan, writer of the movie Traffic, said "all writers have a need to explain themselves to the world." This is my passion and my hope is that one day my son can say he is proud to call his dad a writer.

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Twitter: @ShanerMatt, on facebook also

Favorite Authors: Graham Greene, Dennis Lehane, Peter Straub, Don Winslow, Clive Barker, Flannery O'Conner, Shirley Jackson, Sara Gran, Richard Thomas, basically anyone that can hook me on a good story!

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