John Domenichini

Name: John Domenichini

John Domenichini lives in Silicon Valley in California. His career trajectory has steadily involved more and more writing. In college he majored in Business, Education, and finally Linguistics. He taught English as a second language in the U.S. and Taiwan. In Taiwan, he also worked as a journalist. He’s currently a technical writer who writes fiction when he finds the time. He tries very hard to find the time.

A lot of John’s writing is motivated by prompts provided by a writing group that meets once a week. Also, from time to time, stories pop into his head while he’s doing other things. He enjoys experimenting with different writing styles, genres, etc. However, for the most part, he aims to make his writing accessible to the average person.

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Bartleby Snopes Issue 5.pdf - page 15

Education: M.S. in Linguistics

Likes: People and movies, especially Blade Runner, Unforgiven, and the Reacher franchise, probably, when those movies start coming out.

Dislikes: Mayonnaise
and disliking. He eats very little mayonnaise these days. Sometimes, someone sneaks it on to a sandwich, and then what can you do? Not that there’s no recourse, but he’d prefer not to make a scene. Though he does a fair amount of disliking, he really doesn’t care for it.

Status: Married, two step-children,
 pulse usually just under 60, skill in parallel parking has not diminished over the years. Not as charming as some people, more charming than others. Still right handed. He hoped that he would become left handed slowly and naturally with age, but that hasn’t come to fruition, yet.

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