Chris Sharp

NAME: Chris Sharp

BIO: I was born in San Francisco in 1948. So I am at an age where I feel the need to make active defenses for hanging around and getting even older. The main players in my life have been women. In addition to my mother and my wife, they include my daughter and my wonderful previous wives as well as some of my passing acquaintances with some of the great women of the world. Jacqueline Onassis, Catherine Deneuve and Vanessa Redgrave are among those who have somehow been involved with and have inspired my professional writing and journalism. For many years I was a theater critic in New York City as well as once a president of the Drama Desk. I am spending my semi-retirement putting in part-time teaching in Southern California and writing whatever I want. I have many short stories all over the Internet archives, with.perhaps the best ones being found by Googling my name with “short stories.”

WHAT I WRITE: At an early age I was overwhelmed with the sound of Elvis Presley, where he brought into his own musical world the world of Chuck Berry and the African-American popular music of his day. In my own little way I write stories as a form of gratification to the great African-American writing in our time, such as that of Edward P. Jones, August Wilson and Toni Morrison.


LIKES: Edith Wharton, plus the writers named above. Plus so many things on the earth and in the sky I like that I can’t start to list them

HATES: Anything that is promoted as “free.”

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