Jesse James Campen

Name: Jesse James Campen

I am a working student from Maryland, and like to write specifically to entertain. I am currently attending Full Sail University to get my Creative Writing For Entertainment BFA. I like story telling in all forms, including stories from video games and themed music albums.

Right now, the only sort of art I’m involved in is creative writing. More particularly, I like writing sci-fi and fantasy stories, but I’ll settle for anything that makes someone think or laugh too. My technique doesn’t vary from many other writers’. I write a lot, then I edit a lot. One thing is for sure though: I dislike typing, so I write in my pad before typing it all out on my computer.
Contact Email address:

Twitter: @JessieCampen

Education: I’m currently attending Full Sail University for a Creative Writing for Entertainment BFA.

Likes: Movies, video games, trivia books, television, being with friends and family.

Dislikes: Depressing people, the news, not having money.

Status: Single.

Anything else: I would like to make it known that I’m in a writing team with my brother, Luke Campen. We’ve got a few movie scripts we’ve been working on, but we would like to change the face of the writing industry as a whole with our stories.

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