g. martinez cabrera

Name: gabriel martinez

Aka: g. martinez cabrera (sic)

g. martinez cabrera holds degrees from Columbia and Harvard Divinity School. His short fiction was featured on the public radio show, Voices and has appeared in Drunken Boat, Segue, The Externalist, Verbsap, Cantarraville, The Broome Review, Eclectica, and Sparkle & Blink. In July, he was a featured reader at San Francisco’s famed reading series, Quiet Lightning. He has also had journalism and non-fiction published in The San Francisco Bay Guardian, The Columbia Observer, and other on-line publications.

He just finished his first collection of short stories called, Real Magic Doesn't Sell and a graphic novel set in the near-future when cameras and photography are outlawed called Ostenspieler & The Book of Faces.

He currently lives in San Francisco with his wife. When he’s not spending time with said wife or writing, he tortures young people with learning.

A short paragraph about what kind of art you do and the techniques involved.
In a nutshell, my work is a cross between Twilight Zone weirdness and Six Feet Under family drama with a pinch of silliness to make it all go down. I am interested in what some might call mystery--not in the detective novel sense, but rather in the sense of wonder. I guess I think the world is a little strange, and I'm ok with that. In my fiction, I use little bits of the fantastical to make that point. and

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Twitter, facebook, friendster, myspace etc. info: Look me up on Facebook and Twitter

Education: Too much and not enough...

Likes: dives, chocolate, big cities, little letters

Dislikes: fish (except for sushi--don't ask)

Status: happily so, thank you for asking

Anything else: not right now...

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