Christine Schnell

Name: Christine Schnell

Christine Schnell is a Southern California girl who loves to experiment in all genres. A former engineer, one would think she'd write heavy science fiction, however, her stories tend towards the logical side exploring thought processes and character development.  She loves discovering different cultures and ways of life, so she travels across the United States, and outside to places such as Germany and India occasionally.  She finds the world fascinating and beautiful.

Christine currently is attempting to combine her technical skills with her writing skills searching for a Technical Writer position.  She's willing and able to learn about any new industry to gain such a position as she loves research and learning.  She'll also be chasing an MBA in 2012.  In the meantime, between writing, learning, and playing with her German Shepard, she edits fiction and non-fiction stories.  She's edited several biographies and an anthology as well as countless short stories for friends and other writers.  She's been published in "Page Dancers" an anthology by IFWG.

She first discovered her love for writing many years ago as a freshman in high school when assigned to write a short story that she couldn’t stop writing. She often became embarrassed when teachers invariably chose her stories to read to the class. Now she shares her work openly hoping that all will enjoy their escape into her fantasy worlds.

You can see samples of Christine’s work at;

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