Scott Hughey

Name: Scott Hughey

I’ve been writing for over twenty years, even though I just started. No, that’s not a time paradox. After all that time of writing other things, I’ve finally taken the chance of trying to write what I enjoy the most- fiction.

I’m dedicated to writing every day, and to learn the craft of story-telling quickly. Years of avid reading and my communications degree help me in that endeavor.

I’ve recently learned to make sure I have these elements in place before writing a story (Readers of Plot & Structure by James Bell will recognize the concepts:)

1) A strong lead character
2) A clear objective for the lead
3) Conflicts and/or confrontations the lead has to overcome
4) A strong ending

I also work hard to have a good beginning hook, an inescapable transition to the ending and in longer stories an equally inescapable transition to the meat of the story.

These are techniques I am learning and implementing better in my forthcoming stories.

Currently I am an IT Field Support Engineer. I juggle, play nerf swords with my children and sing. I write speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy and horror) along with other stories that just need to be written.

Links to Current or Upcoming Publications: (Note- each of these URL’s are upcoming and my assumption of what the actual links will be.)

Double Date:
Helen’s Hand:
Temptress Tifanny:

Scott’s work has appeared in theses publications and the Flashes in the Dark Southern Writers Anthology available in E-Book Format from

Likes: Year-round Christmas music, instant pudding with cool whip, coffee and the indoors.
Dislikes: Lists of people’s dislikes
Status: Married for 12 years, and increasingly optimistic about year 13.
Favorite Writers: Peter David, Neil Gaiman, Terry Goodkind, Douglas Adams, Stephen King, The Apostle Paul
Currently Working on: A speculative fiction novel.
Contact Email:

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