Allison Shafer

Name: Allison Shafer
Aka: Allison KMS

I'm eighteen and I've always been an artist at heart. My parents have always encouraged me to work hard at my art while still enjoying it, and have been cheering me on through every course my life has taken. I'm currently double majoring in Theatre and English(with a focus on Creative Writing) at a small liberal arts school in Ohio, and I couldn't love it more there.

I love art of all forms, from dance to photography. I've been drawing since age four, although it's been less of a focus for me as of late. I've dabbled in photography, and one day I hope to get a good camera and really explore the possibilities. My main forms of expression, however, are acting and writing. Acting came more in my adolescence, while I've been writing since a young age. I had my first publication(and, as of now, only), a poem about 9/11, at age ten. I've done a lot more poetry than prose, but I've been exploring my abilities with fiction a bit more lately. I'm working to improve the quality of my work, in hopes that someday, I might write something worth publishing. I'm not sure exactly where I'm heading career-wise, but if it can involve both of these loves that I have, I will be more than satisfied. :)

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