Glenda Jane Grande

Name: Glenda Jane Grande
tsukitenshi, angellusion, angel

Filipina by blood and heritage, Australian on the birth certificate – I’m a lover of everything that is unusual yet beautiful, or just simply beautiful. My interests are as widespread as the skies we live under and I believe in living freely.

My childhood dream was to become an angel – I wanted to be someone who could help protect people. While I can’t grow wings, I can write with my heart.

I have loved writing stories for as long as I can remember, but I started turning it as an emotional outlet at the age of 13. Since then, I haven’t stopped and have continued to use writing as my release.

Aside from writing, I also love to sing, dance and play video games. Some people think I’m a little crazy, but that’s ok, because what’s life if you don’t take the risks?

My writing is far from structured and I don’t think I show any particular technique, but what I do try to do is to paint a picture within each reader’s mind and evoke emotion from the heart. Sometimes I rhyme, usually I don’t. The aim of my prose and poetry is to remind everyone that because we are human, it is alright to feel the various emotions that we do, whether it is love, heartbreak, sadness, anger, pain or happiness. I write to remind that we are not alone in world when we feel such things – each feeling has a lesson to teach us.

Education: Currently enrolled in Applied Linguistics and Intercultural Communication at University of South Australia

Likes: Music, Final Fantasy, butterflies, sky, stars, moon, clouds, roses, the universe, dragons, tigers, candles, mirrors, light, wings, crowns, love, honesty, crystals, faeries and so much more
Dislikes: Deceit, lying, betrayal, bandwagons, bugs and creepy crawlies, snakes, being told what to do, etc

Status: Independent
Anything else: I still want to be an angel!

Contact Email address:

If you’re willing to put up with my psycho-babble, ranting and random posts about anything and everything, follow me on twitter at

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