Earl S. Wynn

Name: Earl S. Wynn
AKA: E.S. Wynn

E.S. Wynn is the author of over forty books (Pink Carbide trilogy, The Cygnus War series in print, Beyond Oblivion and a Modern Creative Writer's Workbook) the chief editor of a number of weekly magazines (Weirdyear, Smashed Cat Magazine, Farther Stars Than These, Flaming Filmreel, and Yesteryear Fiction) designer and voice actor for all 10 discs of the Meditations for the Soul series, as well as the owner of Thunderune Publishing. His chief love is art and his chief addiction is thinking. He currently lives on a farm in the foothills of California with his fiance', Desiree. He has been teaching creative writing courses, building websites, exploring creative expression, administrating magazines, writing books, guiding meditations, practicing reiki and teaching multi-cultural shamanic classes since 2005.

As a writer, I pride myself on both the speed and quality of my work. I'm always writing (literally) grabbing every spare second I can to scribble down the ideas for (or new lines of) any given project I'm working on. As a creative person in general, I dabble in pretty much anything I come across that I find interesting. Von Singer Aether & Steamworks features my forays into Steampunk and modeling, Wynnstock features my attempts at photography, and Wynn Originals is where I stash my paintings and other woodburnt art.

B.A. in English Education.

Likes: Creative people, positive thinkers, long walks on the beach with Dez, cyberpunk, steampunk, Firefly, books, Storm Constantine, computers, internet, games, dogs, ducks, art cars, techno, classic rock, succulents, poetry.

Dislikes: Pessimists, sunburns, socks, poverty, snobbery, frowns.

Status: Currently married in spirit, soon to be married by law. (Married by law on May 21, 2012.)

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