Zara Kand

Name: Zara Kand

I was born to eccentric, touring musicians in London, in February of 1987. They took me all throughout Europe during my childhood years, which exposed me to much of the culture that inspires me still to this day. I now live in Los Angeles, CA where I spend all my time oil painting and working on other creative projects such as writing and making strange music.

My paintings are spawned by personal emotion as well as observations of the external world, with concepts that usually focus on the social, spiritual (and sometimes indirectly political) aspects of humanity; typically you'll see my compositions involving bizarre or unsettling figures contrasted by the serene landscapes that envelope them. I try to bring out the emotion in these by using eye catching colors. Another project of mine is an upcoming book titled "Cry of the Chrysalis: A Venture into Creative Purpose and Development", which serves as a guide towards discovering one's greatest creative potential through autonomous thinking, and includes interviews and artwork by a handful of notorious underground artists.


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