Lucy Montague Moffatt

Name: Lucy Montague Moffatt

Lucy Montague-Moffatt is a 23 year old writer, comedian and student from Dublin. She has a poem and short story featured on the ebook Wordlegs Presents: 30 under 30 available on Amazon and a short story in the recently published collection 30 Under 30 and The Bohemyth. She was one of the winners of the Fishamble: Tiny Plays. She was commissioned to write the first year play for Inchicore College of Further Education last year, which was performed in March 2012 and has been commission to write the play this year too. She was a Funny Woman Competition 2012 finalist. She wrote and performed two comedy shows as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2011. Lucy is currently a columnist for the UCD Observer.

I have been a writer for as long as I can remember. When I was eight I wrote a series of short stories about a group of girls who called themselves ‘The Animals’ and went around their neighbourhood beating people up. Obviously this was either the first sign of creativity or first sign for my parents to stop me watching Gladiators. Since then I have been writing anything that can be written as much as possible.

I enjoy writing short fiction as the smaller length gives you more time to explore the words you are using and who the character really is. I love how so much can be found in what is not said.

When I write comedy I need to be in completely different mood than when I am writing short stories or plays. This can be annoying when I really need to get a funny script written or the deadline for my column is approaching and I just cannot muster the strength to be witty. Sometimes I try to write serious content but end up writing comedy unintentionally. Once I wrote a short story I thought was really sad and all the people who gave me feedback for it said it was “so funny”. Oops!

My ultimate dream is the write a comedy sitcom for TV. I am working on a number of pilots at the minute and am doing a lot of research in the form of watching television. It is not procrastinating, it is work! I am also always working on some kind of novel but never have enough time to dedicate all my time to it, especially since I am back in college this year. Maybe one day, when I am working in a writer’s room for a sitcom I created, I can find time in-between series to write novels. That would be lovely.


Education: Not very much. Currently working on a BA in randomly chosen subjects.
Likes: Beetroot
Dislikes: Cucumber
Status: Mainly internet dating
Anything else: My other hobbies include Hello Kitty, cycling my bike Dora and being a vegan

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