Justine Dunn

Name: Justine Dunn

Aka: Justine M Dunn

Despite writing for some years now, Justine has only recently found the confidence to show her baby’s face to the world. She writes to release some of the bizarre thoughts that swirl around her tiny mind; some make it out, others should never be set free, the imagination is a wonderful thing. She is British, currently living in Slovenia and oozing with ideas.

She writes mostly quirky flash fiction, not quite science fiction in the usual sense but her stories skirt around the edges of reality. She also enjoys writing lighter stuff too, children’s rhymes are always a joy and more recently she has penned a few adult humor flash fictions. Her first novel, Beach Lanes, is finished at last and currently going through the editing stage. The second, she hopes, will make it out of her head and onto the keyboard very soon.

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Likes: eating, drinking, cooking, blankets, Saturday afternoon pints, walking, daydreaming, laughing, dog yawns, hats, red wine, rain

Dislikes: snobbery, liars, marzipan, my metabolism, dog ticks

Status: married

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