Tracy E. Hieatt

Name: Tracy E. Hieatt

Aka: T. E. Hieatt, Treacye Hieatt

T. E. Hieatt is a graduate of the study of God, Gold, and Glory, aka, history. She once spent a winter outside the kitchen she loves so much, for fear of the furnace blowing up and asteroids crashing through the ceiling. Now she loves conquering false limitations by kicking at the walls between her writing, music, art, and entrepreneurship.

At this point, I'm mainly a writer who's published poetry, prose, and articles. I also indulge in photography, digital art, and web design. I'd like to return soon to painting and music, and will explore mixed media also. Most of my art is not posted anywhere right now while I build the Degenerate Matter Studios web site. Everything I use to produce at the moment is old and cheap by technology's chronology, but it doesn't matter to me. It's the output not the means that are important. Eventually I'll upgrade when I'm able. I'm a self-trained, non-technique artist. I'm not against technique; I just don't use any. Every piece created flows from pure instinct, and if I need a certain look or feel and don't know how to get it, I learn from others then adapt.


Associates' in history and liberal arts — 2011
Minor in web development
Associates' in modern languages and science — 2013
Bachelor in history — 2013 - 2014
Certificate of professional and technical writing — 2013 - 2014


Narrow mindedness


Anything else:
I'm taking a year off from college to pursue entrepreneurship, expand my creative pursuits, and volunteer. I have a couple wonderful people in my life who've been a rock and support for me to launch from my platform. I've learned to appreciate this and gained confidence in my choices and who I am through them. Thanks to Weekly Artist for the opportunity to share!

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glahn said...

Tracy is an extremely gifted and wonderful human being.