Nick Allen

Name: Nick Allen

I am a Mental Health Nurse living near to the south coast of England. In my spare time I enjoy walking, photography and travel in general. In addition to my writing blog, The Tiny Badger, I have a blog called Dorset Allsorts which features photographs of the lovely county I live in. Inspired by my passion for writing I have recently started a writer's group, Dorset Scribblers, and we already have more members than our meeting hall can accommodate, while members new to writing, are already having their work published!

I write Flash Fiction, that is stories of 1,000 words or less. I started 6 years ago writing 'twist in the tail' stories as I'd always loved those, and for a while could write nothing else! But it is fiendishly difficult to keep coming up with new twists and gradually my writing changed to include horror, romance and more general fiction. I usually write to a given prompt - the difficult part being coming up with a story idea. Once the tale is in my head, and it often arrives as a fully formed idea (from where, I know not) I write it in one sitting. Next comes the most important part of the process, editing, best done a few days after the first draft. It is at this point that a rough draft becomes something worth sending out for publication. I have found that skipping this part usually means work is not accepted for publication the earlier effort is wasted. If you have never tried it before, writing Flash is great fun, and if not careful, can become addictive!

Education: Salford University

Likes: Tea, gin, red wine.

Dislikes: Pretentious people. Mean people.

Status: Guess!

Anything else: Recently returned from a life-changing trip to Zambia

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