Lindsey R. Loucks

Name: Lindsey R. Loucks

I write horror, dark comedy, and whatever else I can think up. My short stories have been published in Work Literary Magazine and Weirdyear, and future issues of The Red Asylum and Yellow Mama. I'm currently querying my second young adult novel.

When I'm hung up with something in my writing, my cat and I will have staring contests. He always wins, but my hang up soon disappears. While writing, I ask myself, "What's the very worst thing that could happen to my characters?", then I make it happen. Enter evil cackle here.

Feel free to stop by my blog at and/or follow me on Twitter @LindseyRLoucks

Education: Master of Library Science, Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

Likes: Playing hide-and-seek with my cat, eating enough chocolate to put myself into a coma, reading everything in site including cereal boxes, writing, watching scary movies in the dark by myself, and the Foo Fighters.

Dislikes: Mean people, having to function pre-caffeined.

Status: In the same relationship for sixteen years. We've talked about getting married, but we'd rather go to the zoo instead.

- - -

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